Manvi Tiwari was an inspiring youth mental health activist and lived experience expert who worked with various global mental health-related initiatives and organizations including the Global Mental Health Peer Network, Fondation Botnar and the Being Initiative.

The Being Initiative team, partners, advisors, and council extend our deepest condolences to Manvi Tiwari’s family, friends, and colleagues. We are greatly saddened by the passing of a dear friend who was also a dedicated and inspiring youth mental health leader.

Manvi was a passionate young advocate for the greater inclusion of lived experience in mental health programming. Her contributions to several global mental health-related initiatives like the Global Mental Health Peer Network (GMHPN), Fondation Botnar and the Being Initiative were vital in showcasing young people’s perspectives, expertise, and leadership within research, programming, policymaking and other spaces.

“Manvi was one of the brilliant and passionate contributors to the Rising Minds podcast, as well as several projects supported by Fondation Botnar, including the Being initiative. She made a  powerful contribution at the World Health Summit in Berlin in 2022, where she was one of the youngest speakers at the annual meeting. Beyond her dedication to bringing youth and lived experience into critical discussions for awareness and action on mental health issues worldwide, her infectious warmth and kindness to those around her will be long remembered and cherished. Thank you, Manvi — rest in peace.” — Fondation Botnar

As a lived experience expert, Manvi served as the Country Executive of India at the GMHPN. She was part of Generation Unlimited India’s Young People’s Action Team at UNICEF. She was also a valuable member of the Youth Advisory Group for the Being Initiative, where she brought her expertise to advise on several aspects of our programming.

Manvi’s strong dedication to youth mental health and her positive spirit had a significant impact on the Being team and her fellow Youth Advisors:

“I will forever cherish Manvi’s dedication to our Being Youth Advisory Group’s initiatives. Her openness about turning her lived experience into strategies to help others with their mental health continues to inspire. We will continue to uphold her legacy.”

“Manvi was an amazing person— full of life. The thought that she is no longer with us breaks my heart. I am confident she will live on forever as a cherished memory for those who loved her. My deepest condolences to her loving family and our team. She stood up and fought for mental health, not only for herself but also for many others like her. She used her own experience to advocate for those going through similar struggles. My heart goes out to the people who saw Manvi as their beloved. I wish I had more than words to offer you during this difficult time.”

As a student of Media and Communications, Manvi was also a talented writer. As we grapple with the grief of her loss, we share a collection of her written work and other contributions, which will continue to inspire us. We will always remember Manvi with gratitude and feel privileged for our time working alongside her. May she rest in peace.


The Being Initiative

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