Being’s strategic approach.

Our approach supports young people’s mental health and wellbeing through three key pillars:


We believe learning is a driver for systems change. Our research funding and programming aims to understand young people’s mental health needs and drivers in each priority country, help build consensus around priorities for advocacy and funding, and guide funding priorities in research, innovation, and ecosystem building. Additionally, we want to increase our understanding and anticipate the long-term impacts of emerging stressors, like emergencies, urban growth, pandemics, and climate change, on young people’s mental health and wellbeing.


We’ll fund and support youth-led organizations to address the drivers of young people’s mental wellbeing identified through our learn pillar. With a focus on prevention and promotion, we’ll invest in new ideas as they’re tested and proven. We’ll also support tested high-impact innovations targeting youth mental health and wellbeing along their scaling journey to help catalyze their sustainability and impact.


We aim to unite donors, funders, investors, governments, multilateral scaling partners, local intermediaries, and communities by promoting the ongoing exchange of new evidence, innovation and learnings to advance global dialogue and advocate for young people’s wellbeing. We will also fund ecosystem building grants to help address systemic barriers identified through the learning pillar preventing long-term implementation and integration of mental health services into related health, policy, and other areas.