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With a strong focus on young people’s connections, environments, and socioeconomic systems, we want to address the early drivers of young people’s mental health. We believe those closest to the challenges can better identify needs and barriers and offer impactful and sustainable solutions.

That’s why our funding priorities in research, innovation, and ecosystem building have been informed by locally driven country consultations with youth, policymakers, local organizations, and mental health experts. Explore the report that dives into the insights from this research!

A programmatic diagram depicting how the landscape analyses and country consultations we support will help inform all of the initiative’s funding and programming in research, innovation and ecosystem building.

Young People First

The most important part about Being? Young people are at the heart of the initiative’s programming. They serve as program advisors, as key stakeholders in consultations, and as Being grows, youth-led organizations will be central to carrying out the work in each of the priority countries.


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Being: An International Mental Health Initiative for Young People