To help us learn from the key voices in each country, we’ve partnered with local and regional partners to synthesize and analyze national mental health information, map and consult with critical stakeholders, and build consensus to help us drive the agenda for better youth mental health in each priority country. 

Our partners and their sub-partners have engaged with young people, caregivers, governments, civil society, academics, practitioners, and community representatives through interviews, workshops, focus groups, surveys, digital tools, and events to identify gaps and opportunities for mental health research and innovation and uncover what’s needed to bring stakeholders together to improve young people’s mental health.

Consensus Building Workshop by the African Academy for Public Health leading country consultations in Ghana and Tanzania
Consensus Building Workshop by the African Academy for Public Health leading work in Ghana and Tanzania

Youth Engagement

From being part of the in-country teams to directly participating in national-level surveys, youth advisory boards, and consultations, young people have shared their insights and expertise with our in-country partners and have engaged across all priority countries in this learning process. Being’s Youth Advisory Group has also made a significant contribution as reviewers, providing in-country teams with actionable feedback and considerations.

A workshop led by the Indian Law Society team who lead country consultations in India.

Upcoming Results and Funding Priorities

Although this work is ongoing, early findings suggest some common trends. Stigma, bullying, family dynamics, academic pressure, school environment, migration, addictive online behaviours, increased drug access, poverty, and limited economic opportunities are some of the common drivers affecting young people. As we’ve seen in many parts of the world, there has also been an increased focus on mental health issues and policies following the COVID-19 pandemic. However, initial insights suggest that there’s much more to do to ensure the prioritization of young people’s mental health.

Full results from this work, including our partners’ recommendations for investment, collaboration, and action, will be the foundation of our funding calls for research, innovation and ecosystem building in 2024.

Stay tuned to learn more! 

A graphic illustration a megaphone with the message "Coming Soon" to tease the upcoming results of Being's country consultations in 2024.