Viet Trinh (he/him/his) is a distinguished young advocate and researcher focusing on LGBTIQ+ mental health and sexual health in the Asia Pacific region. He serves as Program Director at Lighthouse Social Enterprise, a leading civil-led society organization in LGBTIQ+ rights and health in Vietnam. His work adopts a person-centred approach, encompassing community engagement and outreach, capacity building, intervention design and delivery, and health policy lobbying. He is the current Chair of the LGBTIQ+ Mental Health Network in Vietnam. Mason works in close partnership with United Global Mental Health, the U.S. CDC, Global Fund, the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, and the Vietnam Administration of HIV/AIDS Control – Ministry of Health to advocate for the integration of mental health support into HIV/AIDS services relevant to young key populations and LGBTIQ+ youth. With interests in internalized stigma, intersectional identities, and integration services, he has amassed close to 15 regional and international presentations and peer-review scientific research publications.