Sweetbert is a 26 years old Tanzanian youth, the Executive Director (ED) of Tanzania’s Psychosocial Welfare Organization (PWO), and Assistant Lecturer at the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM). He founded and has been ED at PWO since 2019. As ED, he leads the team and oversees projects that address the mental challenges of youths and vulnerable groups in Tanzania. As an academician and mental health activist, he has trained over 5000 youths on adolescent psychology, mental health, and research methods. In 2021-2022, he worked as a Psychologist at the UDSM Counselling Unit, providing individual and group counselling services to students and staff. He was also an intern-psychologist at USAID Kizazi Kipya Project based in Arusha. Sweetbert is enthusiastic about serving youth and vulnerable populations. Among his accomplishments, he has co-authored an article titled “Democratizing Development Practices: Envisioning the Future of Student-led Humanitarian Aid” with Ryan Sutherland.