Oriana was born in 1999 in Mexico. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations. Currently, and is studying for a Master’s Degree in Governance and Globalization, focusing on global governance. Since 2021, Oriana has worked as an Opportunity Activator in the Latin American and Caribbean YMCA (YMCA LAC) Regional Office, where she collaborates in designing and implementing regional programs and projects. Oriana co-designed and is co-supervising the implementation of the YMCA LAC regional mental health program in 4 countries of the region. In 2020, right after finishing her BA degree, Oriana started lecturing on identity and culture at the university level. She is one of the youngest faculty members in International Relations at the Anahuac Cancun University in Mexico. Oriana is an activist for Women’s Rights and Mental Health. She is passionate about youth empowerment and education. She also teaches History, English, Ethics and Civic Engagement at the High School level.